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Friday, March 30, 2012

Reflexology for Menstral Pain & Symptoms

Women's health and reflexology is one area that has been extensively studied.  Whether you are wanting help with PMS, infertility, morning sickness or other pregnancy related ailments, menopause, increased milk supply or low libido, reflexology can help.  One study recorded an amazing 47% decrease in menstrual symptoms through reflexology.  In my practice ALL of my female clients have reported noticeable improvement in symptoms, some even after the first session.  My clients are always surprised that I can tell if they are ovulating or menstruating by different sensitivities in their feet. Not only can reflexology help to reduce PMS symptoms, but it is also a very gentle and effective way to help mother nature when it comes to the rhythm and regularity of your cycle.  I have had more than one client start their period either during, or just following, a session.  It gives the body the "nudge" it needs to do what it is already prepared to do.

Though regular professional treatments are encouraged, there are some things you can do at home to help ease symptoms:

When it's that time of the month and all you want to do is curl up in the fetal position and rest, go ahead and do that.  Now you are in the perfect position to stimulate your own reproductive reflexes.  The easiest way to do this is to reach around the back of your foot, grabbing the back of your ankle with your thumb and first knuckle.  Apply light pressure and take several deep breathes for a minute or two. 

If you are still uncomfortable and want to do more, try doing a thumb or finger walk.  Give special attention to the sides of the heel (medial and lateral aspect of each foot) just below the ankle bone. This is where the ovarian and uterine reflexes can be found. You will notice a perfect fit for your thumb just under the ankle bone.  Apply constant pressure, rubbing in a circle if desired. Work all around the ankle bone and back of the foot, including the heel, to work the sciatic,  hip, pelvic and lower back reflexes.  These reflexes can be especially tender during menstruation or ovulation.  Do not push hard enough to inflict pain, just hard enough to notice pressure and maybe a slight discomfort.

A finger walk across the top of the foot, from ankle bone to ankle bone, will work the fallopian tubes.  To do a finger walk, pretend your first and second fingers are a caterpillar slowly crawling across the area.  Try to keep the pressure constant and "walk" across the top of the foot.

Rubbing the pad and neck of the large toe will stimulate the pituitary, pineal,  thyroid, & parathyroid reflexes aiding in hormone regulation.  This can also help ease mood swings and irritability as well as help relieve hormone related headaches.  

Certain essential oils on the reproductive reflex points, abdomen, or lower back may prove helpful as well.  Many have found relief using lavender or rosemary oil.  Butterfly Express has a blend called Women Wise that is fantastic for cramps.  Some reported having better success with this oil blend than over the counter medications such as Midol. Simply add 2-6 drops of essential oil to a nickel size amount of carrier oil (I prefer coconut or almond oil) and massage on the abdomen, back, or onto the reproductive reflexes.  You may also want to add 2-5 drops to a warm bath.  Please study proper usage of oils to determine the amount and frequency of use that would be best for you.  Some find relief by applying oils once every hour for relief, though many find that symptoms are relieved 20 min or so after the first application.

To find massage oil recipes for menstrual pain, click HERE.

Most importantly, remember that stress can exacerbate any pain/discomfort/symptom.  Find some time for yourself.  Take a hot bath.  Meditate. Read a book.  Treat yourself to a foot bath.  A few minutes of pampering goes a long way.  Listen to your body.  Month my month your symptoms should decrease.

Though it can be difficult to treat yourself to a full reflexology session, here are a few additional tips you can try at home.  You may want to consider asking a friend or loved one to help.

Foot note: This site is for informational purposes only.  It is not my intent to diagnose or prescribe for any ailment.  It is up to the individual to decide what would work best for them, consulting with their medical practitioner as needed.  

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